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A social capital steward is responsible for maintaining in a neutral manner one or more of the municipal, provincial, regional or national development dashboards and/or the national maps of government functions or sectors of industry.

The role of social capital steward may be combined with that of (citizen) journalist, teacher, blogger, librarian, barangay captain, rotary membership,…

The neutrality of the social capital steward implies that he or she aims to equally record opinions from all sides in a debate, as well as a final decision or agreement that is reached.

Besides providing reliable content for social capital wiki pages, the steward will also curate (tag) information that she or he reads on various social media platforms such that the information becomes visible to visitors (of the Actor Atlas or social capital wiki) for whom it matters.

Because the proper filling in of this role demands an investment of both considerable skills and time, a reasonable compensation is pursued which could include these components:

  • a share in the proceeds of the social capital wiki (target is that 80 to 90 % of proceeds are divided among registered social capital stewards) and the Actor Atlas (division among all stewards of all social capital wikis)1;
  • all proceeds from local advertisements that the steward can secure for pages under his or her care (e.g. selling an advertisement for a period of one month to a local business);
  • all proceeds from the local delivery of a course on Media Practices for the Social Capital Web (under construction);
  • the self-publishing of books or blogs that are based on the information that the steward processes in the course of his or her engagement with content relevant to the local social capital, following a business model explained in Fair Glocal publishing and making use of Leanpub services;
  • and other potential income sources that must still be identified.

Whether the described sources of income add up to a full time livelihood remains to be seen. On the other hand stronger local social capital is likely to strengthen the local economy, and the social capital steward will be the local resource person supporting the translation of global and national public goods for local harvesting and growth.

Reference in Actor Atlas

Actor Atlas: Social capital steward

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